Summer Garden Project!

I was able to get most of my summer garden projects/plantings done this spring, but this was one seems to have gotten missed. But as they say, better late than never!

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Upscale Supermarket Floral Arrangements

Have you ever been caught florally unprepared for a dinner party, holiday, or other special occasion?

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The Dog Days of Summer are Here!

Oh, my gosh...this has been a busy time. Sorry about my absence, but been working on the site, doing a show, and getting ready for the big one. In honor of busy summer days here is a project we can all tackle!

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Summer Tablescape

Throw some of your creative juices at your tabletop the next time you do some outdoor dining!

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The Sisterhood of the Traveling Junk

In the true spirit of the traveling junk, it is now my turn to share my all purpose, never in the same place for long, traveling junk. Who wants to be next to pass the junk forward?

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